Enrolled in the correct course but the wrong class – class swaps

A class swap occurs when a student remains in the same program, term, subject area, catalogue number and credit points but moves from one class number to another.

A number of scenarios can occur where a class swap is requested by a school:

  • a class has low student enrolments
  • the class did not run
  • administrative staff reschedule and combine a class
  • a mistake on a course selection template (CST)
  • incorrect advice from the School.

To correct a student’s record the following documentation is required:

  • a University error correction request - onshore Higher Education form which includes
    • a detailed written explanation as to why the swap is required
  • documentation to support the claim that the student has been attending the incorrect class
    • If a staff member verbally provided the wrong information to the student an email must be provided from that staff member stating what occurred

When evidence cannot be provided, a memo from the Dean/Head of School outlining the issue must be provided.

Depending on volume of requests received and operational requirements at the time, prioritisation of class swap requests due to completion deadlines may not always be possible. It is the school’s responsibility to ensure that class swap requests are received in time to meet the completion requirements. This includes allowing time for assessment of the class swap and processing.

Class swap for multiple students

Where a class swap is required for multiple students one University error correction request - onshore Higher Education form may be completed per issue and the student’s details provided on the School based variation template (XLS 43kb 2p). All documentation must be emailed to HErecords@rmit.edu.au.

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