RMIT University Academic and Professional Staff Enterprise Agreement 2014

44. Compassionate leave


Paid leave of up to three days will be granted to an employee due to the death, serious illness or injury of:

(a) a spouse, de facto spouse of the employee, or a permanent partner of the same or opposite sex who lives with an employee or on a bona fide domestic basis.

(b) a child, parent, legal guardian, grandparent, grandchild or sibling of the employee or the employee’s spouse.

(c) a relative who has taken the place of a parent or resides with the employee.

(d) a member of the employee’s household.

(e) a person for whom an Indigenous employee has an Indigenous kinship relationship equivalent to (a) – (d) above.


Leave will only be granted in the case of serious illness or injury where a certificate from a registered medical practitioner as defined in clause 43.1.4 is provided.


Additional paid or unpaid leave may be granted having regard to circumstances, such as a delayed funeral, Indigenous business associated with a funeral, or the necessity of extensive travel..

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