19 November 2015

Get busy with Million Hot Seat

With four recording days left for the year, this is your last chance to be part of a live studio audience where you could win up to $700 in cash or two highly sought after tickets to watch the Footy Show live

The Nine Network at the Docklands is looking for more bums on seats for the filming of Millionaire Hot Seat. If you have time on your hands, here’s your chance to experience what it’s like to be part of a live filming environment.

Whether you choose to go it alone or you decide to grab a bunch of mates, you can make a day of it. There are breaks after every episode with food and drink provided. As mentioned, you’ll also go into the draw to win up to $700 cash or two highly sought after tickets to watch the Footy Show live.

Upcoming recording sessions:

  • 10.15am Monday 30 November
  • 12.20pm Monday 30 November
  • 10.15am Tuesday 1 December
  • 12.20pm Tuesday 1 December
  • 10.15am Monday 7 December
  • 12.20pm Monday 7 December
  • 10.15am Tuesday 8 December
  • 12.20pm Tuesday 8 December

If you choose to attend the 10.15am session, you will have the choice to leave at 4pm. However, should you choose to attend the 12.20pm session, you will be required to stay until 5.30pm.

Still interested? Book your place by emailing Noha Soulibe (Audience Coordinator) at NSoulibe@nine.com.au with the following details:

• full name

• chosen date

• chosen arrival time

• amount of tickets

• contact number

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