Critical Fixtures

Critical Fixtures: Installation shot, © Mark Ashkanasy, 2009

Critical Fixtures: Installation shot, © Mark Ashkanasy, 2009.

Critical Fixtures is an exhibition of contemporary Australian and expatriate artists who continue to develop a spectrum of strategies and methodologies in site-specific practice and contextual reflexivity. A re-evaluation and expansion of the cannons of site-specificity, the latent influence of early ’70s institutional critique of the ‘white cube’ and a sustained investigation into architecture continue to provide fertile ground for these artists.

Sydney artist Mark Brown has drawn together Mimi Tong, Robbie Rowlands, Denis Beaubois, Kate Fulton and Mark Themann to expand our experience. It is fitting that as the Gallery celebrates its recent renovation and new look, that we are called to see the Gallery in a different way.

Exhibition dates: 17 April – 23 May 2009