Linking to eReserve documents

This guide explains how to add eReserve links to your online course.

1. Locate the document in eReserve

Log in to eReserve on the Learning Repository.

(Please note: Direct access to the eReserve collection is also available from the Library home page.)

Enter your course code in the search box (using the ABCD1234 format). This will retrieve all eReserve items related to that course.

Select the document title from the list of results to display the Item Summary record.

2. Get the URL

A link to the PDF version of the document is available at the end of the record. ‘Active’ indicates that the document is live and available for linking.

Right-click on the PDF link and select the option to copy the link. Depending on your browser, the option may be called:

  • IE: ‘Copy Shortcut’
  • Firefox: ‘Copy Link Location’
  • Chrome: ‘Copy link address’

Keyboard users: to access the right-click menu, tab to the link and press SHIFT F10.

Mac users: to access the right-click menu, hold CONTROL key while clicking on the link.

3. Add the link to your online course

Go to your Blackboard course and select the Create URL option. Add the title of the publication and paste the URL in their respective fields.

To clean up the URL, delete all the characters which follow the .pdf file extension, starting with the ‘?’.

Return to the list of readings in eReserve and copy the publication details for the title you are linking to.

Go back to your Blackboard course and paste the reference in the text editor.

All links to eReserve publications should include a full reference.