13 October 2015

Summer in the City

Student taking selfie with two friends

In one summer you can make new friends, take in Melbourne highlights and complete a course. Boom! Image credit: Romina Ivanov

At RMIT, summer in the city means taking in the highlights of Melbourne, meeting new friends from across the world, and getting another course completed.

Our Summer School program is an initiative of the College of Design and Social Context and RMIT International that lets you choose from a suite of existing RMIT courses offered in intensive mode over several weeks. Experiential learning is a feature of the teaching approach, where you will spend a considerable time learning outside the classroom, and engaging with local community, industry, and a diverse student cohort. A shared program of orientation, social events, weekend excursions and pastoral care is provided to all participants.

If you have no plans over the summer break or are wishing to finish your program sooner or you want to expand your network of friends to include those from around the world, our Summer School program could be just the thing for you!

All summer school courses are credit bearing and will be documented on your University academic transcript.

Applications are now opened.

To apply and for more information, go to Summer School.

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