HDR Statistical Consulting Service


The School of Science offers a statistical consulting service to all Higher Degree by Research (HDR) candidates. This consultancy service is supported by the School of Graduate Research.

HDR candidates, along with their supervisors, are encouraged to access the service early on during their candidature to discuss statistical issues and seek advice on planning the statistical aspects of a candidate’s research. Later consultations focus on assisting with data analysis, interpretation and reporting.

The service aims to support HDR candidates who require access to expert statistical advice. The service assumes a basic level of statistical knowledge covered by most introductory level statistics courses.


The eligibility criteria will change for all new candidates accessing the service for the first time in 2016. You must meet the following criteria to book an appointment.

All other programs, including postgraduate and undergraduate programs, are not eligible. The service assumes you have a foundational knowledge of statistics. This includes a working knowledge of sampling, data collection and management, basic statistical analysis and statistical inference. If the consultant feels a candidate lacks this foundation, they reserve the right to advise the candidate to complete an introductory level statistics course before resuming consultations.

Enabling courses

There are other statistics courses within the university that you can audit to help develop a foundation in statistics. With the course coordinator’s permission, you can access the course learning materials and attend classes. However, you will not be formally enrolled and will therefore not receive a formal grade. These courses run at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Please contact the course coordinator for further information. The statistical consulting service recommends the following enabling courses:


A limited number of City, Bundoora and virtual (Google Hangouts or phone) consultation sessions are available each week throughout the year. The service is not available during the Christmas holidays and early January. Candidates will be able to access the consultancy service throughout their candidature to ensure they are on the right track with the statistical components of their research.

Areas of expertise

Our expertise covers, but is not limited to:

  • Research design and sample size estimation
  • Data collection and management
  • Survey and questionnaire design
  • Psychometric analysis
  • Basic statistical analysis and interpretation
  • Experimental research design and analysis
  • Advanced statistical analysis and interpretation
  • Statistical modelling
  • Use of statistical packages
  • Feedback and advice on statistical methods and results sections (thesis or publications)

If you require highly specialised support that is not well covered by the areas above, please contact the consulting service via the email below in order to determine if the necessary expertise is available.

What to expect

The service is an advisory support to candidates. Consultants will advise, demonstrate analysis methods and guide candidates within the allocated session. The aim of the service is to build the capacity of the candidate to perform independent statistical analysis by providing candidates with access to expert statistical advice.

You should expect your consultant to do the following:

  • Assist you to identify and understand statistical issues related to your research in order to improve the overall quality of your research plan.
  • Provide advice for identifying, performing and interpreting appropriate statistical methods within the context of your research.
  • Link you to relevant literature and resources that assist you with the statistical concepts and analysis related to your research.
  • Provide feedback and support on writing and reporting the statistical elements of your research.
  • Follow-up via phone or email to provide you with session summaries and questions.

Booking appointments

To book the next available appointment, click on the following link. You will need to confirm your eligibility for the service.

Request an Appointment (RMIT login required)

For questions and further information, contact: smgs-consultancy@rmit.edu.au.