RMIT European Union Centre HDR Travel Grant (EUCHDRTG)

The RMIT European Union Centre HDR Travel Grant (EUCHDRTG) is available to assist research candidates to travel to EU Member States. The EUCHDRTG will cover travel costs associated with research-related activities.

Research-related activities may include the following:

  • presenting at a conference
  • fieldwork (data collection in a field location, interviews, accessing specialist archives, museums, libraries and galleries)
  • travel to utilise equipment or resources not available at RMIT University
  • an internship with an industry host.


Applicants should note that submission of an application does not guarantee the award of a grant. Selection for this award is competitive, as the number of applications exceed the available funding. Funding approval is granted by the Programme Manager, European Union Centre.

To be eligible to apply for the EUCHDRTG, at the close of the application round:

  • you must have an area of research that has a sustained EU focus and be able to demonstrate beneficial outcomes from your travel to the EU Member States
  • you must agree to submit a 500-word report to the EU Centre at RMIT detailing the outcomes of your research trip by Tuesday 31 October 2017, and agree that the EU Centre may use this as part of their reporting requirements to the European Commission and/or on the Centre’s website
  • you must be currently enrolled in an RMIT Higher Degrees by Research (HDR) program and not be on leave of absence
  • you must have completed Confirmation of Candidature
  • you must not have submitted for examination.

To maintain your eligibility for EUCHDRTG, prior to travel dates:

  • you must provide evidence of the acceptance of your peer-reviewed abstract, poster or paper for presentation at a conference (if applicable) with your application.
  • if you are attending but not presenting at a conference, you must provide your conference registration confirmation with your application.


The EUCHDRTG offers three grants of €4,665 (AUD equivalent at the time of grant award, approximately AUD $7,000).

How to apply

Applications are now open and close on Friday 30 June 2017.

To apply you must:

Applications that do not include the above documents by 30 June 2017 will be deemed incomplete and therefore ineligible for the grant.

Please note:

  • you have until the week prior to your travel date to submit your evidence of peer reviewed abstract/ poster or paper for presentation at a conference (if applicable)
  • application outcomes will be sent via the applicant’s official RMIT student email address and will not be provided over the phone.

Key dates

  • Applications close on 30 June 2017.
  • Application turnaround time is approximately four (4) weeks from the close of the application round.

Accessing the grant

In accordance with RMIT Travel Policy:

  • you must lodge your travel arrangements with your Home School, to be approved through the travel management system Trobexis
  • your travel bookings must be made through the approved RMIT travel supplier, CT Connections
  • seek advice from RMIT International prior to any research related travel, if you are an International student.

Terms and conditions

If awarded this grant:

  • you must notify the School of Graduate Research (SGR) in writing if you wish to amend details of your successful application or if you can no longer travel as planned
  • you must submit a 500-word report to the EU Centre at RMIT detailing the outcomes of your research related travel within four (4) weeks of your return or at the latest by 31 October 2017 (whichever is earlier)
  • you must submit a final cost reconciliation, accounting for the grant amount awarded
  • you must agree to acknowledge the EU Centre at RMIT as the sponsor of your travel in any publication outcomes that arise from this travel.

Please note:

  • in the event that you decide not to travel, the grant amount is repayable in full
  • grants cannot be transferred to another university.

Further information

Submission of an application does not guarantee funding, and money provided by this grant may not always cover the full cost of travel. Funding provided is for expenditure on travel airfares, conference registration fees, accommodation and commuter travel for the purposes of your research related activity only. This grant excludes laboratory fees and equipment costs. All expenditure must be supported by the submission of tax invoices with your final cost reconciliation.

EU Member States are: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and yes, still the United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland).


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Phone: +61 3 9925 5570

Information about The European Union Centre at RMIT University can be found at European Union (EU) Centre. The EU Centre at RMIT University is funded through a Grant from the European Union and RMIT University.