Safety and security on campus


Intent and objectives

Theft of Personal and University property is a matter which directly affects both staff and students. Libraries, work, study and leisure areas are all potential targets for theft.

Help us to help you

You can help make the campus safer and more secure for everyone by:

  • Recognising and avoiding potentially risky situations
  • Reporting any thefts or suspicious behaviour to Security

Tips to help you take charge of your own safety

  • Be alert and walk purposefully. Confidence deters attackers.
  • Carry a personal alarm, or be prepared to scream "No!" loudly and get away if threatened.
  • Use lit corridors on campus at night. Avoid lonely or gloomy places, walk with friends or call a security escort or stay with a crowd.
  • Be wary of strangers, on foot or in cars, asking directions - it is better to be rude than to be in trouble.
  • If someone follows you, go to a place where there are other people.
  • Respect your intuition. Don't allow rationality to override you 'sixth sense' - it could protect you from danger.
  • Take a self-defence course.
  • When you're socialising, play smart. One drink too many could make you vulnerable.

Taking public transport

  • Know your timetables to avoid long waits - especially if you're alone.
  • Rather than sit in lonely, closed-in shelters, keep to open, populated areas in full view of tram, bus or train.
  • Avoid empty train carriages and, where possible, take an aisle seat.
  • Phone for taxis rather than hailing them; if possible have someone see you off; keep a note of the taxi number; sit in the back seat opposite the side to the driver; and don't disclose personal information.

Taking your car

  • Park in well-lit, busy areas.
  • Hold your keys ready to open the door and be prepared to use them to jab an attacker.
  • Check the back seat or hatch for intruders before getting into the car.
  • Once inside, lock all doors and (if possible) leave windows up until you've reached your destination safely.
  • The Victoria Police Force have three simple tips when you leave your car
    • Look
    • Lock
    • Leave

Public telephones

  • Always carry change or a phone card. You may need to call a taxi, friend, family member or Security if you're stranded or nervous,
  • When you have dialed, turn your back to the phone and speak looking outwards.
  • If threatened, dial 000 (a free call to the Police Department) or ring
    RMIT University Security on 9925 3333.
  • If you call the Police or Security, give your name, telephone box number and location first. If someone tries to get into the phone booth, sit down and brace yourself against the door.

Reporting incidents

Please help the University to safeguard the campus by reporting all thefts and other incidents. Even if you have informed others, please ensure that University Security is also notified. Students, staff and visitors are encouraged to report any breached of security on campus. This can be done anonymously, if you prefer.

Statistics prepared from these reports are important for planning improved security arrangements. Information which is useful includes the location of the incident, the number of people involved, environmental factors such as lighting and accessibility of the area. These records are confidential.

If possible, reports should be made in person to the University Security Office in Franklin Street or alternatively telephone

Your security is your concern as well as ours.

Where to go for help

Report any suspicious behaviour on campus to Security, no matter how minor it may appear. Prompt recording of incidents helps prevent recurrences.

Advice and help is available from the Student Health Service, Counselling Services, Human Resources and the Student Union Women's Equal Opportunity Office.

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