Essentials in tertiary teaching practice

The Essentials for Tertiary Teaching Practice (ETTP) professional development series is designed to enhance your knowledge and skills in teaching practices within the RMIT University context. The aim of ETTP is to support and prepare you to be an effective educator at RMIT.

ETTP takes a modular, two-tier approach to the professional development of teaching practice, based on:

  • An intensive, compulsory induction for all new appointments, in Higher Education, with teaching responsibilities as an introduction to teaching practice at RMIT University, followed by;
  • A negotiated, personalised program of professional development selected from a suite of modules to address specific areas of teaching practice to be completed during the probation period for Higher Education teachers.


Completion of ETTP will comprise a total of 90 hours of professional development, including:

  1. Attendance at the compulsory full-day introductory workshop Learning and Teaching at RMIT, plus submission of a professional development plan for developing your teaching practice (Equivalent 15 hours).
  2. Completion of five (5) ETTP modules on learning and teaching selected from those offered, plus submission of a teaching portfolio (equivalent 5 x 15 hours). Each module involves attendance at a face-to-face workshop, supported by online learning resources.

Who should attend?

All academic and teaching staff, in Higher Education, on their probation period.

Further information

Please contact the Tertiary Teaching Practice team at

For enquiries related to registration, exemptions and certificates of completion, please email

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