31 July 2014

Double success at the ‘CIB W099 Achieving Sustainable Construction Health and Safety’ conference

Centre staff enjoyed double success at the annual CIB W099 conference, which this year was held in Lund, Sweden.

Payam award

Dr Ruwini Edirisinghe was awarded a prestigious RMIT Travel Award to present and chair at the conference while Payam Pirzadeh accepted the prize for Best Paper of the conference on behalf of the Centre.

Centre members presented a number of academic papers on topics including real time safety metrics, safety climate benchmarking and safety in design. The conference is organised by the International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction (CIB) Working Commission. Professor Lingard is the Australasian Coordinator.   

The award for ‘Best Paper’ of the conference was accepted by Payam Pirzadeh for a paper entitled ‘Construction Hazard Prevention: The Need to Integrate Process Knowledge into Product Design’. The paper reported some of the findings from the five year project undertaken by the Centre with Virginia Tech in the USA. The team of authors consisted of Ron Wakefield, Helen Lingard, Nick Blismas and Payam Pirzadeh from the Centre as well as Brian Kleiner, Thomas Mills, Andrew McCoy, and Lance Saunders from Virginia Tech.

In all, four papers were presented by Centre members at the conference, covering an array of topics, including:

  • Would the Time-Delay of Safety Data Matter? Real-Time Active Safety System (RASS) for Construction Industry (Ruwini Edirisinghe, Helen Lingard, Nick Blismas & Ron Wakefield)
  • The Development of an Automated Multi-Level Safety Climate Benchmarking Tool for Construction Projects (Ruwini Edirisinghe, Rita Zhang, Helen Lingard & Frank Boukamp)
  • Construction Hazard Prevention: The Need to Integrate Process Knowledge into Product Design (Ron Wakefield, Helen Lingard, Nick Blismas, Payam Pirzadeh, Brian Kleiner, Thomas Mills, Andrew McCoy & Lance Saunders) [Best Paper award]
  • Analysis of Difference/Similarity between Construction Project Participants’ Work Health and Safety (WHS) Risk Perceptions (Rita Zhang, Helen Lingard, Nick Blismas, Ron Wakefield & Brian Kleiner)

Congratulations to all who presented papers.

For more information about the conference or to request copies of any of the papers presented, please contact the Centre.