Leave of absence

About leave of absence

If you need to take temporary leave from your studies you can apply for a leave of absence (LOA).

Depending on the structure of your program you may be granted LOA for either one or more semesters, or up to 1 year, per application.

You can submit more than one application for LOA but the total amount of LOA granted cannot be more than 2 years.

How to apply

Complete the Application for leave of absence form* and submit it to your local partner contact.

* If you are an RMIT student studying at SIM, you should not complete this form. You must apply online via SIMConnect only.

You will be advised of the outcome by email within approximately 2–5 days from receipt of the application. For RMIT students studying at SIM, this may take up to 10 days.

When to apply

Financial penalties may apply depending on the date when you submit your application. Please speak with your local partner contact for information about financial penalties.

If you apply after the academic penalty date, academic penalties will apply.

If you are a continuing student and you do not enrol or apply for LOA by the census date, your enrolment may be cancelled.

International students

If you are an international student studying an RMIT program through a partner institution (example: a Chinese national on a student visa studying in Singapore) please check whether applying for LOA affects your visa conditions before submitting an application for LOA.