Pay information

View payslips

The ‘Pay Information’ menu option is used to display your payslips.

  • Click on ‘View Payslip’ to display the report options for your payslips.

From the ‘Report Options’ window either select:

  • ‘Current Payroll Results’ radio button to display your current payslip.


  • Select ‘Results in period’ to nominate dates from and to
  • Enter the dates for the period you want to display the payslips
  • Click on ‘Display Results’.

If you have selected more than one pay period a window of payslips will appear in a table:

  • Select the pay period to display your payslip
  • Click on the ‘Display Remuneration Statement’ button.

To change your selection or to select a new payslip:

  • Click on ‘New Selection’.

When your payslip is displayed:

  • Click on the zoom button to view a full page of the payslip
  • Select print button to print the payslip.

Bank information

The ‘Bank Information’ menu option is used to display the bank information for your pay.

To display bank information:

  • Select ‘Bank Information’ menu option
  • Click ‘Display’ to view details

Basic pay details

Provides information on classification, rates of pay and incremental progression.

To display full details:

  • Select relevant item
  • Click ‘Display’.