Program management

Excellence in academic program management is essential for a successful and transformative student learning experience.

Program management for everyone

A collaborative approach for program teams.

This resource is designed to support RMIT staff performing the complex and challenging roles around program management. It focuses on specific capability development for Program Managers, Course Coordinators and Program Coordinators and offers a just-in-time portal to policies, tools, training and relevant information.

It is designed to encourage a collaborative approach – in recognition that “program management” is often a distributed function across program teams, not necessarily the responsibility of one person alone. It also takes account of the wider “tertiary” context of RMIT, i.e. across Higher Education and VET sectors and both regulatory frameworks.

Course coordination resources

In addition to resources for program management, an equivalent resource is also available for course coordination.

Program management in HE

Excellence in program management is essential to successful and transformative student learning outcomes.

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Program management in VE

Program managers in VE have responsibility for the quality, viability and relevance of a range of offerings.


Key dates for the RMIT academic year and professional development opportunities.

Operating context

The program manager’s role is framed by two key areas; strategy, and governance.

Program management

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