Sport clubs

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As a member of the RMIT community, you have a wide range of sporting and recreational activities to choose from, with more value for money than any outside club would offer.

RMIT students, staff and graduates, their friends and family can choose between over 25 sporting and recreational clubs to get involved in.

Join a club

Anyone can join a club at any stage throughout their program by registering and paying the club membership fee. Fees and activities offered vary from club to club.

To find out about the existing clubs, and to get more information on how to sign up to the ones you're interested in, check our Clubs page.

Start a new club

If you have a hobby or interest that isn't listed, RMIT will help you start a new club. All you need is some enthusiasm and a few friends who are interested in getting involved. Contact the Sport and Recreation Officer (Clubs).

Community sport

If you prefer to play competitive sport, we have a variety of semi-casual community sport competitions for you to join, including tennis, volleyball, basketball, futsal and many more. Please contact the Sport and Recreation Officer (Clubs) to learn how to get involved.

RMIT has developed strong affiliations with the following community sport clubs:

  • West Brunswick Amateur Football Club
  • Melbourne Flames Dragon Boat Club
  • Melbourne University Athletics Club
  • Melbourne Rowing Club.
  • Diamond Creek Women’s AFL Club
  • Northern Raiders Gridiron Club

These clubs offer the RMIT community discounted membership rates.

Personal development and accredited qualifications

Sport and Recreation Club Executive Volunteer Training is endorsed by RMIT LEAD (Learn, Engage, Aspire, Develop), RMIT's official volunteer program. Club executives who are current RMIT students receive official recognition of their volunteer work on their academic transcript. They also receive a LEAD certificate signed by the Vice-Chancellor.

Club resources

Student accident insurance.


Jack Arnold
Sport and Recreation Officer (Clubs)
Building 94, Level 3, City campus.
Tel. +613 9925 9757

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