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About Jackie Dickenson

I have worked in the advertising industry as an art director, copywriter and creative director in Britain and Australia, and taught for the past ten years at RMIT.


PhD (University of Melbourne) ‘Renegades and Rats: Betrayal and the Remaking of Radical Organisations in Britain and Australia, 1840-1940.' (2004)

BA (First Class Honours) (University of Melbourne) Majors in History and Medieval Studies (1999)

Dip AD (UK) (1979)

Research interests

My research interests are in political history, especially labour history, and intellectual history, including the relations between media and politics. My current projects include:

1. Labor Rats: Nine Leaders Who Betrayed the Cause (a general interest book on Australian labor rats currently in discussion with UNSW Press).

2. What's In It For Me?: Thinking for Stardom (working title of an inter-active book on the nexus between creativity and strategy planning for conceptualisers in all media).

3. A comparative study of political accountability in Australia.



Renegades and Rats: Betrayal and the Remaking of Solidarity in Radical Organisations in Britain and Australia, 1840 to 1940 (Melbourne: Melbourne University Publishing, Academic Monograph Series, forthcoming publication, 1 October 2006).

Conference proceedings

‘Nice company for Christian men’: Adela Pankhurst Walsh and the British Empire’, British World 3 Conference, Melbourne (2004).

Refereed journal articles

‘The greatest curse and traitor: H. H. Champion and the Australian labour movement’, Journal of Australian Studies, No. 80 (2004).

‘Chasing the rat: the language of betrayal in Britain and Australia’, Labour History Review (Manchester: UK), Vol. 68 No. 2 (August 2003).

Other publications

‘Why governments shouldn’t lie’, Socialist Objective (May 2005)