27 October 2015

Jessica Oldfield Walker, Exchange to New York Fashion Institute of Technology, America

Jessica Oldfield chose New York to see how thriving the fashion industry is. Jessica is very grateful she was able to experience and some amazing cultures.

The city is amazing. The school is incredible."

RMIT Program: Fashion Design

Global Program: Exchange

Destination: New York, America

I went to FIT to improve my skills in knitting and also to have a unique travel experience. I chose New York as I wanted to be in a large city to see how thriving the fashion industry was over there. The city was amazing. The school had incredible machinery and spaces to work in and the sheer size of the campus was very impressive. The best part was the facilities available to me and the people I met. After studying at FIT I travelled to Toronto, Texas, Los Angeles, Vegas, San Francisco, Yosemite National Park, Santa Monica, Hong Kong, Japan and finally home. The west side of the USA was amazingly different from the East coast. I am grateful that I got to experience an amazing array of cultures all in the short 6 months I was away.

Exchange in New York, America

Image by exchange student Jessica Oldfield