Vice-Chancellor’s Distinguished Teaching Award


This annual teaching award recognises the outstanding contribution that an individual academic or teacher or teaching team has made. This award recognises an academic or teacher or team with an exceptional record of advancing student learning.

Value of the award

The Vice-Chancellor’s Distinguished Teaching Award consists of a grant of $20,000 which can be used by the recipient to:

  • advance the career/s of the recipient/s
  • provide additional resources to support their teaching or activities related to the award
  • assist the individual/team to disseminate and embed good practice in learning and teaching.

Award monies must be spent by the end of the second year following their announcement i.e. a November 2015 award will be allocated money in 2016 and must be expended before the end of 2017.


All RMIT Higher Education academic and Vocational Education teaching staff are eligible for this award.

Staff who have been awarded either an ALTC or OLT Award for Teaching Excellence or the Prime Minister's Award for Australian University Teacher of the Year are not eligible to be considered for the Vice-Chancellor’s Distinguished Teaching Award. ALTC or OLT Citation recipients are eligible for selection for the Vice-Chancellor’s Distinguished Teaching Award and must have submitted an application for an RMIT Teaching Award in the current round.

RMIT staff who have previously been awarded a Vice-Chancellor's Distinguished Teaching Award may apply again after a period of five years.

Nomination and selection procedure

No separate nomination process is required for this Award.

The University Selection Panel will consider all current Teaching Award applications and decide whether to recommend an award in this category to the Vice-Chancellor.