08 April 2013

What’s going on in ITS?

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Here are some examples of work underway:

  • This month, RMIT opens an office in Barcelona. ITS has worked around the clock to lead the design and implementation of infrastructure and equipment required to launch this facility. The new office will also benefit from an advanced communications network to increase RMIT’s research and education collaboration across Europe.
  • PCs continue to be upgraded to Windows 7 on all campuses, which will provide a better desktop and user experience where-ever people login. Check the rollout dates on the Windows 7 website to see when your area is scheduled. Prepare by cleaning up your hard drives to ensure all relevant information is kept after the migration, and inform the Windows 7 project team if you have software requirements.
  • Now is the time for teaching staff to submit requests for software in student labs. Get your submissions in by Tuesday 30 April.

Source: Steven Petrenko, Information Technology Services