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Rev Helen Summers

Rev Helen Summers (BA, Grad Dip Ad Ed, Degree in Spiritual Counselling) is an Interfaith Minister who studied in New York and was ordained in 1997. Helen brings to the role of Chaplain many years of experience in education and pastoral care.

As an Interfaith Minister, Helen embraces the deep truths found at the heart of all authentic spiritual traditions that give meaning to life, and the shared wealth of spiritual practices which help us evolve and grow. Helen is deeply respectful of the commitment to common values of peace, compassion, wisdom, service, and above all, love, which is found in all traditions. Interfaith Ministers acknowledge the One Spirit that resides in all.

Previous to her interfaith ministry, Helen taught English for Specific Purposes at RMIT University, the Sydney College of Advanced Education (SCAE) and Bond University where she was an Assistant Professor in the School of Humanities. Helen was Head, Learning Assistance Centre (SCAE) and co-developed courses with the Centre for Aboriginal History and Culture.

On her return to Australia in 1998, Helen founded The Interfaith Centre of Melbourne as an educational and cultural organisation, producing interfaith ceremonies, arts and cultural programs and seminars to promote understanding and respect among people of diverse religions and spiritualities and of no religion.

Helen welcomes staff and students for interfaith/interspiritual discussions and practices and is open to listening to anyone who feels the need.

To connect with Helen please contact the Chaplaincy office.

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