Insurance and intellectual property

All Work Integrated Learning (WIL) activities must have insurance coverage.

It is a legal requirement that before you commence your placement or project, you have completed and returned the relevant documentation provided to you by your WIL Coordinator. If you fail to do so, you will not be allowed to begin your placement or project; being uninsured, you put yourself, partner organisation and RMIT at risk.

There are different types of documents (including WIL Agreements and Schedules). Your WIL Coordinator will provide you with the correct documentation for you to complete.

When you undertake a placement or project, you may produce intellectual property. If you have any questions around the ownership of intellectual property, contact your WIL Coordinator before signing the documentation referred to above.

RMIT, your partner organisation and students sign these documents for each placement or project. This ensures that all roles, responsibilities and learning outcomes are agreed upon and documented.

Having completed the documentation, you are covered by RMIT’s off-campus accident insurance coverage while undertaking your placement or project. Coverage under this policy is only for ‘an unforeseen event resulting in injury’. The policy provides no coverage for sickness or pre-existing injuries.

A potential partner organisation may ask to see proof of insurance or ‘certificate of currency’ which you can request from your WIL Coordinator.