RMIT University Academic and Professional Staff Enterprise Agreement 2014

18. Teaching evaluations for academic staff


Discussion of teaching performance and teaching related issues will be included in the periodic workplanning and performance management meetings between the academic employee and her or his supervisor. Joint evaluation of the employee’s teaching performance will be based on evidence provided by the University and the employee, including feedback from students about their learning experiences; student performance and student outcomes; the employee’s self-assessment; and any other evidence provided by the employee.


This discussion will provide an opportunity for the supervisor to recognise and commend good practice in teaching, and where necessary discuss and agree staff development and/or other actions to enhance and enrich teaching quality.


Performance management in relation to teaching performance will take into account the whole teaching and learning environment, including staff workload, characteristics of the student cohort, the physical environment in which teaching takes place, the structure of the course, the availability of and access by students to learning resources, the method of delivery and the provision of professional development support to the employee.


Student feedback survey results may inform evaluation of teaching performance. However, they will not be used on their own to take any action under clause 29 of this Agreement.


Student evaluations of individual courses will not be made available externally where they may be identified with the performance of individual staff. To avoid doubt, it is agreed that such evaluations will be available to University staff dealing with Teaching and Learning matters including Pro Vice-Chancellors, Heads of Schools / Deans, Deputy Heads of Schools, Deputy Deans, program managers and other relevant staff.

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