Learning and Teaching Investment Fund 2015 successful applicants


Project leader/s


Project title

Christopher Cheong

School of Business IT and Logistics

Improving the Learning Experience by Better Understanding One’s Own Learning Process [PDF, 960 KB, 7 pages]

Lila Kemlo

Academic Development Group, Business

Development and implementation of a sustainable, discipline-specific academic transition program for students articulating from VE to HE [PDF, 871 KB, 44 pages]

Monica Tan

School of Economics, Finance and Marketing

Enhancing transnational business students’ work-readiness and employability using a sustainable approach of Work Integrated Learning and work-related simulations via multiple channels and locations [PDF, 285 KB, 4 pages]

Design and Social Context

Project leader/s


Project title

Jennifer Elsden-Clifton and Kathy Jordan

School of Education

What's up DOCC? Redesigning a flexible and sustainable Work Integrated Learning (WIL) program [PDF, 1.17 MB, 32 pages]

Adam Nash, Laurene Vaughan and Ruth Moeller

School of Media and Communication

The Language of Design: Development and dissemination of a model and resources to support a lexicon for design [PDF, 2.82 MB, 26 pages]

Shane Hulbert

School of Art

Creating meaningful online assessment for photography courses through computer artificial intelligence and image content retrieval systems [PDF, 187 KB, 3 pages]

Erika Beljaars-Harris

DSC College Office

Transforming Learning and Teaching with Practical Analytics [PDF, 1.03 MB, 21 pages]

Science, Engineering and Health

Project leader/s


Project title

Bradley Clarke and Michelle Spencer

School of Applied Sciences

Optimising Experimental Laboratory Classes to Maximise Student Learning Outcomes [PDF, 902 KB, 28 pages]