Learning and Teaching Investment Fund 2011

Summary of projects

Project title

Co-creating a cohort experience for first year students at RMIT Business

Project leaders

Dr Cathy Hall

Project team

  • Mr Tass Katsoulidis, Senior Advisor Learning & Teaching, ADG (Business)
  • Dr Ingo Karpen, Lecturer School of Economics Finance & Marketing
  • Mr Carmelo Ortuso, Multimedia Coordinator ADG (Business)
  • Dr Jacinta Ryan, Research Assistant

Project summary

A student cohort experience seeks to produce improved student satisfaction and benefits that relate to student and institutional engagement. This project provides a model to help (re)conceptualise processes, factors, actors and resources involved in the student experience. The model is based on current academic literature and qualitative research exploring student cognitive, emotional and behavioural dimensions in assessments of their tertiary experience. The outcomes of this project are a literature review, qualitative research output, and a model conceptualising the co-creation of a student experience.

The outcomes of this project lend support to the conceptual logic of value co-creation. The results suggest that participants contribute to and are implicated in the RMIT experience while pursuing meaningful experiences in order to attain personal and educational objectives. The results point to a constellation of student contextual factors and nine interaction points comprising processes, actors, factors and resources implicated in the student experience.

It will be useful to empirically examine the relationship between student contexts and the various interaction points, and their effect on the relative importance of each process, actor, factor or resource. This will enable the development of a sustainable strategy and implementation plan, which identifies and targets the critical and high-impact interaction points to enhance the student experience at RMIT in meaningful ways.


This project has successfully achieved the following outcomes:

1. Literature review

2. Research findings

3. Co-creating the student experience model (Refer to Appendix 1 for full page graphic representation)

4. Presentations and journal publications

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