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Stated benefits from being a SLAM include:

  • making friends with other SLAMs and students
  • the satisfaction of helping others
  • developing skills to enhance your resume which is highly beneficial for employment opportunities
  • gaining leadership skills and boosting your confidence
  • receiving a Certificate of Appreciation from the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Business)
  • giving back and becoming a part of RMIT.

SLAMs can receive a Certificate of Appreciation at five different levels for each semester of service, ranging from bronze (one semester) to platinum (five semesters or more).

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SLAMs is a great opportunity to meet other students, especially those from the same course.

Second year, Company Law Mentor

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You may select up to 3 courses.


ACCT1046 Accounting in Organisations and Society
ACCT1048 Financial Accountability and Reporting
ACCT1056 Auditing 1
ACCT1060 Management Accounting and Business
ACCT1064 Cost Analysis and Applications
ACCT2033 Financial Accounting and Analysis
BAFI1002 Financial Markets
BAFI1008 Business Finance
BAFI1018 International Finance
BUSM1094 Organisational Behaviour
BUSM1137 Human Resource Development
BUSM1222 International Business
BUSM2449 International Human Resources
BUSM3119 Human Resource Management
BUSM3125 Strategic Management
BUSM4176 Introduction to Management
ECON1010 Macroeconomics
ECON1020 Prices and Markets
ECON1030 Business Statistics
ECON1042 Macroeconomics 2
ECON1061 Quantitative Analysis
ECON1066 Basic Econometrics
ISYS2056 Business Computing 1
LAW2442 Commercial Law
LAW2450 Company Law
LAW2453 Taxation 1
MKTG1025 Marketing Principles
MKTG1041 Marketing Communication
MKTG1045 Market Research
MKTG1061 - Global Marketing
MKTG1065 B2B Marketing
OMGT1070 Procurement Management and Global Sourcing
OMGT2146 Supply Chain Analysis and Design


Master of Finance
BAFI1059 Corporate Finance
BAFI1065 Money Markets
BAFI1075 International Finance
BAFI2081 Risk Management and Financial Engineering
BUSM1162 Managing People
ECON1095 Quantitative Methods in Finance
ECON1113 Economic Analysis for Business
ECON1195 Financial Econometrics

Master of Professional Accounting
ACCT1106 Accounting, Accountability and Society
ACCT1110 Contemporary Financial and Integrated Reporting
ACCT2270 Strategic Accounting for Management (formerly know as Management and Cost Accounting)
LAW2471 Taxation Law and Practice

Master of Business Information Technology
BUSM4610 Business Project Management
INTE1002 Digital Risk Management Information Security
INTE1030 Digital Strategy
INTE1040 Business Intelligence
INTE1208 eProcurement and Supply Chain Technologies
INTE2397 Knowledge Management
INTE2412 Governance and Change in Digital Business
ISYS1033 IT Project Management
ISYS2038 Database Design and Development
ISYS2395 Business Systems Analysis and Desgin
ISYS2396 Enterprise Systems
ISYS3300 Business Ethics for a Digital Society
ISYS3374 Business Analytics

Master of International Business
ACCT2127 Accounting for Management Decisions

Vocational Education

Associate Degree in Business
ACCT2189 Accounting in Organisations and Society (formerly known as Introductory Accounting)
ACCT2228 Financial Accounting
BUSM4295 Introduction to Management
BUSM4360 Design for Business
ECON1246 Macroeconomics 1
ECON1247 Prices and Markets
ECON1248 Business Statistics 1
ISYS2427 Business Computing 1
LAW2477 Commercial Law
MKTG1296 Marketing Principles

Diploma of Commerce
ACCT2213 Accounting in Organisations and Society (formerly known as Introductory Accounting)
BUSM4323 Introduction to Management
ECON1273 Macroeconomics 1
ECON1274 Business Statistics 1
ECON1275 Prices and Markets
ISYS3314 Business Computing 1
LAW2497 Commercial Law
MKTG1329 Marketing Principles

Associate Degree in Legal Practice (Paralegal)
ISYS2427 Business Computing
LAW2477 Commercial Law
LAW2489 Legal Research methods
LAW2493 Criminal Law
LAW2494 Professional Skills and Responsibility
LAW2486 Land Law and Conveyancing
LAW2491 Wills, Probate and Administration
BUSM4095 Human Resource Management
LAW2495 Intellectual Property
LAW2496 Administrative Law


After your student timetabling is completed, we will get in contact with you to arrange your mentoring timetable.

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