Preparing to submit

There are a few administrative tasks that need to be completed before you can submit for examination, including recommending examiners, updating your research publications and outputs, and applying for confidentiality agreements and/or embargoes. You may also need to request early submission for examination, if you are less than halfway through your candidature.

Nominating examiners

Examiners must be nominated and approved at least two months before you submit for examination. This is particularly important if you are an international candidate studying in Australia as this may have an impact on your student visa.

You and your supervisors should consider potential examiners throughout your candidature. You may provide names of persons you do not wish to examine your thesis/project, however the final selection remains the responsibility of the supervisor.

Your examiners will be nominated using the Recommended Panel of Examiners (RPOE) form (PDF 124KB).

Updating your research publications and outputs

Before submitting for examination you must report all research publications or outputs produced during your candidature at RMIT to the Research Office. Use the Research Output Collection form to report your work.

Find out the importance of reporting your research as an HDR candidate.


You are responsible for the content of your thesis/project. As an HDR student you are allowed to employ a professional editor to provide limited editorial work on your thesis/project.

Editors Victoria (the professional body for Victorian editors) publishes a yearly register of freelance editors known as the Freelance Register, which you can download for free. The Freelance Register provides contact details of editors who are Full Members of the Society of Editors and who are available for hire as freelance editors.

The national body the Institute of Professional Editors Ltd (IPEd) provides further information about editing research theses.

Preparing your doctoral citation

The doctoral citation is a short description of your research project. It will appear on your academic transcript and Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS). It is also included in the graduation program and, if you attend the graduation ceremony, it will be read aloud to the audience.

The 50 word doctoral citation should be prepared in consultation with your supervisor prior to submitting your thesis or project. The citation must be written in plain English using terms and language comprehensible to a general audience. Please refer to the website Preparing your doctoral citation for information on the required content and format for doctoral citations.

Confidentiality agreements and embargoes

If your thesis/project contains content that is commercially sensitive you may apply for a Confidentiality agreement and/or an Embargo (PDF 206KB). You must include evidence that supports your application in order for it to be considered.

Confidentiality agreements are usually set up early in the candidature for reasons of commercial confidentiality when a candidate’s research is subject to an agreement with an external party. The agreement will be extended to cover the examiners of your thesis/project and requires them to agree not to disclose any of the particulars of the research to anyone during and after the examination process.

All thesis/projects are placed in the publicly accessible RMIT Research Repository, after the examination has been completed and the candidate has lodged their final archival version of the research. An embargo means your thesis/project it will not be made publicly available for a period of time. Broadly speaking, grounds for embargo include the prevention of disclosure of commercially sensitive information, including potentially patentable material.

For more information please refer to Sections 49 and 50 of the Higher Degrees by Research Policy.

We recommend applications are submitted with the Recommended Panel of Examiners (RPOE) form (PDF 124KB).

Early submission

Duration of candidature is set out in section 2 of the Higher Degrees by Research Policy.

If you would like to apply for early submission for examination, you must submit a request for early submission for approval by the Dean, SGR. This must include an explanation of your circumstances, evidence of support from your Senior supervisor and the endorsement of your Dean/Head of School/Centre.

Applications for early submission must be made before the completion of the Recommended Panel of Examiners (RPOE) form (PDF 124KB), which should be completed two months prior to submission for examination.