Opening an official social media account procedure


This procedure outlines the steps to be undertaken to open an official social media account on behalf of RMIT.


RMIT staff members who create or manage content on RMIT University’s social media accounts.


This procedure does not apply to:

  • personal social media accounts
  • social networking sites set up on Google Apps for the purpose of internal project management and collaboration

Procedure steps and actions

Procedure (including Key Points)



1. A staff member seeking to open a new social media account under the RMIT name must consult the Social Media Register to confirm a similar account does not already exist to meet the same objectives and requirements.

The Social Media Register acts as a directory of social media sites associated with RMIT, ensuring:

1.1. easy identification of duplicate, outdated or abandoned accounts

1.2. opportunities for cross promotion and collaboration

1.3. opportunities for integration and promotion on the RMIT website

1.4. identification of account holder contact details

1.5. transition of social media accounts to new owners.

Director, Digital and Customer Experience Strategy

Before an account is created

2. A new RMIT account may be created on a official social media channel on completion and approval of a Request to Open an Official Social Media Account form that sets out the purpose and action plan for the ongoing management and maintenance of the social media account.

Requests are assessed based on account meeting the following criteria:

2.1. A clearly identified statement of purpose for opening the account is stated.

2.2. Minimum two staff members have been identified with primary responsibility for the social media site on a regular basis.

2.3. A primary contact has been identified.

2.4. An audience has been clearly defined and is sizable or credible enough to warrant the resourcing and time commitment involved.

2.5. A content plan has been devised for the ongoing development and maintenance of social media content.

2.6. An evaluation plan has been devised to measure and report ongoing activity and engagement.

2.7. Appropriate and correct use of branding has been approved in line with the Brand (Visual Identity) Policy.

2.8. The lifecycle of the account is defined.

2.9. A contingency plan is in place for the hand over of an account in the event of an account owner leaving RMIT or is unable to continue their social media duties.

2.10. A plan has been considered for promotion of the account.

3. The Request to Open an Official Social Media Account form must be approved by the Director Digital and Customer Experience Strategy, with input from the Social Media Forum, before embarking on the creation of an RMIT account on a official social media platform.Following approval of the Request to Open an Official Social Media Account form, the account is created according to the following criteria:

3.1. Accounts must be created by a trained Spokesperson.

3.2. An appropriate account or user name is created that makes it clear that the account officially represents RMIT.

3.3. Account is created using an RMIT University email address and not an individual’s personal email address.

3.4. Account is established so that it can be shared by multiple individuals.

3.5. Passwords are changed at regular intervals as per the RMIT Password standard policy.

3.6. Where a social media platform enables customisation through imagery, colours and logo placement, official RMIT colours must be used and University marks such as logos and graphics comply with the Brand (Visual Identity) Policy and UI Development Instruction.

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