Use of personal vehicles policy

Intent and objectives

This policy governs the use of employees private vehicles for authorised RMIT business


This policy details the approval methodology for the use of private vehicles, insurance implications and the reimbursement of motor vehicle expenses.


This policy applies to all instances of the use of private vehicles for approved RMIT business


RMIT controlled entities are exclude form complying with this policy.

Staff may use personal cars for authorised RMIT business travel provided they have prior approval (written approval prior to departure) from their Head of School/Group, PVC or other appropriate authority.

Prior approval is needed so there are no surprises for the employee or supervisor when allowance claims are submitted. It is also needed as a pre-condition for the RMIT contribution to insurance claim excesses. Prior approval can be specific to each trip or as a blanket approval for several trips to occur over a semester or year.

Areas may develop their own methods for recording the prior approval. Suggested methods include:

Staff should ensure that their vehicle is legally registered, roadworthy and appropriately insured. RMIT has extended its motor vehicle comprehensive insurance policy to include staff who have been authorised (prior to departure) to use their own vehicles on RMIT business. Individual RMIT Schools/Groups will fund up to $2000 per occurrence, the amount of the insurance excess payable for claims lodged against:

  • their own motor vehicle insurance policies, or;
  • the motor vehicle insurance policy arranged in respect of vehicles for which staff salary sacrifice under RMIT arrangements, or;
  • the RMIT motor vehicle insurance policy; for accidents arising out of the authorised use of their own vehicles on RMIT business

All queries regarding motor vehicle insurance and claims in respect of the above should be addressed to the Senior Advisor Risk Management, Internal Audit and Risk Management.

Car allowance

The car allowance will cover all costs associated with running the vehicle for authorised RMIT business purposes, but in the event of an accident, does not cover any loss of no claim bonus, excess charge or other insurance penalties.

The same rates apply for TAFE, Academic and General staff.

RMIT vehicle reimbursement rates

Vehicle reimbursement rates are in accordance with the relevant section of the ATO vehicle reimbursement rates.

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