Francis Ormond Medal

The Francis Ormond Medal is awarded to a member of academic or general staff of the University who has served the University with distinction or has given meritorious service which has not been recognized by the University by the award of an honorary degree or appointment to a senior management position within the University.

About Francis Ormond

Francis Ormond was a Scottish born Australian pastoralist, member of the parliament of Victoria and philanthropist in the areas of education and religion; he was also the founder of the Working Men's College of Melbourne which later became the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and today: RMIT University.

Ormond was especially interested in the education of working men; he believed that a college providing technical education would serve a very useful purpose. Ormond convinced the Victorian government to provide a site for the college and later contributed £5000 towards its construction.

On its opening night in June 1887, the College enrolled 320 students, within 12 months the number had risen to over 1000. The number of students reached nearly 10,000 in 1938.

Ormond is also notable for his efforts as a public benefactor, having donated the majority of funds towards the establishment of Ormond College at the University of Melbourne and funding the construction of the central and western towers of St Paul’s Cathedral as well as dispersing significant grants to various hospitals and churches.

Francis Ormond was born in 1827 and died in 1889.


Nominating and approval process

  1. One Francis Ormond Medal is awarded each year
  2. Nominations are sought annually from members of staff
  3. Nominations are made using the Francis Ormond and Ralph McIntosh Medals nomination form (PDF 94KB)
  4. Nominations must comply with nomination submission guidelines
  5. Nominations and supporting materials are sent to the University Secretary via email at
  6. Nominations are considered by a committee comprising three former award recipients

Please note - nominees should not be advised of their nomination as the nomination process is strictly confidential.

2017 timelines

  • Nominations are accepted until 5:00pm Friday 4 August 2017
  • Nominations are considered by the Francis Ormond Medal Selection Committee within two weeks of the close of the nomination period
  • The Francis Ormond Medal is presented at the RMIT Awards for Excellence ceremony in November