Police Checks

Some partner organisations require a Police Check to be completed before you commence a Work Integrated Learning (WIL) activity with them.

This may be because you will be in a position of trust such as handling large amounts of money, having access to prescription medication or working with children, the elderly and those with disabilities.

If you are required to complete a police check:

  • you must your own police check and pay the associated costs
  • you should take your certificate to the first day of placement in case you are required to present it prior to commencing with the organisation.

South Australia

Students undertaking WIL activities in South Australian schools are required to complete a Criminal History Screening.

International Students

  • International students must apply for a National Police Record Check in Australia through the Australian Federal Police.
  • The partner organisation may require you provide a police certificate (with English translation) from your home country. This certificate should state any previous criminal history or specify that there are no pending, current or previous criminal charges or convictions. If you are unable to obtain a Police Check for these purposes you can complete a Statutory Declaration stating the same information.


  • RMIT is under no obligation to organise a placement for a student who does not wish to apply for a police check.

It is at the discretion of the partner organisation as to whether they choose to accept a student who has been convicted of a criminal offence. In the event that a student is rejected by a workplace the student will be advised and offered career and program counselling. Further placement options will be discussed.