22 December 2011

Bundoora campus staff address 13 December 2011

Attendance: 78

Question and answer session

Tom Molyneux thanked Peter Coloe for his work as Bundoora Campus Manager and in particular for the improved communication to Bundoora staff.

Q. A suggestion was made during the year to recycle radiographs. Has there been development on this item?

A. Medical Sciences were initially contacted about this and said there wasn’t the quantum to justify this scheme. However, this is a good idea, and a good community service to the area that will ease contamination. Further follow up will occur on this suggestion.

Q. Will there be improvements to the Bundoora East and West bicycle and shower facilities?

A. This is currently being looked into by Property Services. Additional spaces and showers with card access have been proposed. Information will be supplied to staff when decisions are made as there is currently no timeline around this. Improvements are a part of the University wide bike strategy. A report on Bundoora facilities will go to the next Committee meeting, 14 February.

Q. Since compulsory student union fees are being reintroduced, what are the plans for campus improvements?

A. It is not expected that the University will collect these fees until Semester 2, 2012. Plans are being made to improve student services and facilities across the University. No specific details are yet available.

Q. What is the decision on nursing simulation facilities?

A. This is an annual works submission and an announcement on successful bids is imminent (before the end of year).

Q. The new parking permit has not improved parking availability, and students have been parking without a permit and are not being penalised. What is being done about better access to parking?

A. A boom gate to multi-storey staff parking access is considered by Property Services. Monash have different levels of parking. Parking close to facilities is at a higher cost. This model is being investigated. The parking permit dispensers weren’t working properly but they are now fixed, and previously patrolling of parking was ad-hoc, but it will be improved for 2012.

Q. What is the capacity/timeline for student housing?

A. The size, timeline and location are currently under consideration. The details will be announced early 2012. The housing will have capacity for a significant number of students. The building project is not likely to commence for some time.

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