Mr Geoff Outhred


Visiting Research Fellow

School /
Work Unit

Property Const & Project Mgt

Contact Details

+61 3 9925 3906


Building: 008
Level: 05
Room: 056

City campus


College of Design and Social Context

"Default_ImageAltText" Qualifications

Masters of Applied Science (Building), RMIT University, 1998

Environmental performance of prefabricated housing systems

Bachelor of Architecture (RMIT) 1971-1989

Teaching/Work responsibilities


  • Architectural design and drawings
  • Building renovations
  • Environmental topics
  • Project Management

Research Interests

  • Environmental aspects of development
  • Ecological footprint analysis


Conferences Papers/Publications

Outhred, G. (2001) 'The Delphi method: a demonstration of its use for specific research types', Kelly, John and Hunter, Kirsty, COBRA 2001, Proceedings of the RICS Foundation Construction and Building Research Conference, 3rd - 5th September, RICS Foundation, Glasgow Caledonian University, School of the Built and Natural Environment

Vines, M. and Outhred, G. (2001) 'Gaining Ground over online teaching reluctance reflecting on the first stage of program renewal', Pullen, Stephen, Mehrthens, Virginia and Zillante, George, Proceedings of the 26th Annual Conference of the Australasian University Building Educators Association, Constructing and Managing the Built Environment, School of Geoinformatics, Planning and Building, University of South Australia, Adelaide 94-98