31 July 2014

Staff member in profile: Dr Ruwini Edirisinghe

Dr Edirisinghe is an inter-disciplinary researcher, working on a number of industry projects and international research collaborations, most recently within the civil infrastructure and construction management areas.

Dr Edirisinghe

Dr Ruwini Edirisinghe

Dr Edirisinghe is a Research Fellow with the Centre for Construction Work Health and Safety Research. She joined RMIT University in 2009 and holds a PhD in Information Technology from Monash University. She received a prestigious Endeavour Postdoctoral Fellowship in 2010.

Dr Edirisinghe developed an automated multi-level safety climate benchmarking tool which enables benchmarking of client, main contractor and subcontractor safety performance at multiple organisational levels over the life of a project. She is a researcher on an Australian Research Council Linkage Project Grant focusing on client safety leadership in construction. She also secured funding as lead investigator for a project to evaluate the effectiveness of a video-based digital intervention system that promotes worker safety practices.

A recent initiative of Dr Edirisinghe is the development of a real-time monitoring system for safety lead indicators (physical hazards, management and perception). This initiative is expected to enable a step-change in the use and effectiveness of leading indicators in the construction industry.

Her work in infrastructure management includes statistical modelling of building inspection data for deterioration prediction. She is a pioneer in remote monitoring and sensor networking technologies including green building monitoring and emerging wireless device-free detection techniques. She is currently working on device-free detection techniques to improve construction work health and safety, in order to identify risk exposure of construction workers.

Dr Edirisinghe is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and she also regularly serves as a reviewer for several leading mobile computing and infrastructure management journals.

Dr Edirisinghe was recently awarded an RMIT Travel Award to present at the recent CIB-W099 conference in Lund, Sweden.

Dr. Edirisinghe can be contacted via email: ruwini.edirisinghe@rmit.edu.au