Getting travel quotes

Prior to making a travel commitment, communicate your intention to travel with your supervisor taking into account your absence and the impact on personal and team workload as well as ensuring that your travel is covered by the university travel insurance policy.

Download your step-by-step RMIT Travel Process Guide (September 2017) Edition for more information.

Travel Management companies (TMCs)

Business-related travel quotations and bookings must be sourced and made through a RMIT contracted Travel Management Company (TMC) and approved via the RMIT Travel Portal (RTP).

Unless prior approval is obtained within the RTP, RMIT will not guarantee the payment of invoices or reimbursement for any travel and related services booked or arranged through other (non-contracted) travel management companies, or booked direct with airlines.

See more about the travel approval process via the RTP here.


Lowest Cost Reasonable Fare

Travel must utilise fares that are the lowest cost taking into account considerations such as the safety rating of airlines and practically of schedules. These tend to be non-flexible airfares where ever possible. Travellers are to book cheaper air fares with restrictions where travel on individual sectors is unlikely to change or be cancelled. These fares may be suitable for outward bound flights, i.e. the flight to your first destination, as this travel tends not to vary.

The TMC is obliged to offer you a fare which is the cheapest daily fare available in their system for the particular route you will be travelling that meets your business requirements.

Travellers may self-fund a fare upgrade however RMIT will not pay the difference between the lowest cost reasonable fare to the upgradable fare class.


The TMC can access a range of online reservation systems/distribution channels for RMIT preferred hotels and other accommodation options.

In booking accommodation the following guidelines apply:

  • The standard of accommodation should provide a safe and secure environment, be convenient to the place of work, comfortable and friendly and provide value for money
  • Hotels are selected on preferred RMIT arrangements
  • For international accommodation, in some countries and areas or where there are safety concerns, a higher standard of accommodation may be approved by Chief Operating Officer.

RMIT travellers must use TMC to book all accommodation, unless accommodation is provided by an external party. Where accommodation is not booked through the TMC or where approval has been given to select accommodation independently of the TMC, travellers must ensure that they advise the TMC of their arrangements so that their details can be recorded with International SOS for duty of care obligations.

RMIT will not guarantee the payment of invoices for accommodation booked or arranged through other (non-contracted) travel management companies, or booked direct with hotels unless prior approval is obtained.

When a conference organiser provides pre-negotiated rates for accommodation close to or at the venue the traveller may use an RMIT travel arranger to book that accommodation. The travel arranger must advise the RMIT TMC and record the accommodation details in the RTP and International SOS.

Car Hire

RMIT employees can access exclusive discounts from Hertz car hire.

Domestics hire car arrangements can be made through the TMC or direct with the car hire company. To access the RMIT Staff Rates please quote the Hertz CDP number 1691556 when making your booking.

Travellers must be aware of any special licence conditions pertaining to their vehicle choice or intended vehicle usage prohibitions to ensure selection is fit for purpose.

Changing a booking

Changes to bookings once a ticket has been issued must be done via the original TMC to comply with ticketing rules and restrictions. Additional charges may apply.

Any changes to approved travel plans that results in an increase in charges greater than amount approved within the RTP will require re-approval by the traveller’s financial delegate either via the RTP or in writing.

RMIT travel partners program

RMIT contracted Travel Management Companies (TMCs) are here to help you plan and book your travel with expert advice and access to University negotiated airfares, hotel and car hire rates.

Download the 2017 Staff Travel Expo Booklet (PDF) for more information on RMIT’s travel program including TMCs, accommodation, car hire and duty of care partners.

Travel Management companies (TMCs)

  • Reho Travel (Study Tours)
    Phone 03 9823 5288
    Email studytours@reho.com


RMIT travellers can access negotiated discounts from the below airline carriers. Ask an RMIT travel consultant about any specials including status matching programs.

  • Virgin Australia
  • Cathay Pacific
  • United Airlines
  • Finnair
  • Etihad
  • Singapore Airlines