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Flight facility gets set for take off 10/07/2017
The RMIT Flight School at Point Cook has recently undergone a major refresh to bring the student experience into line with other RMIT campuses.

Need training on audiovisual equipment? 03/07/2017
ITS is offering training for staff on how to use and make the most of our audiovisual equipment.

Email security software coming soon 03/07/2017
On Tuesday 11 July ITS is planning to enhance email security and better protect the University from threats such as spam, phishing and ransomware.

Learning and Teaching software for Semester 2 09/05/2017
Now is the time to start thinking about the Learning and Teaching software you will need for next semester.

ITS wins audio visual award 03/04/2017
RMIT's Converged AV Project has won the avt AMX Best Project award for 2017.

Time to update your wireless certificate 03/04/2017
In order to provide a secure service, all BYO devices you use to connect to the RMIT wireless network, as well as RMIT managed laptops, will need to update to a new wireless certificate from today.

Office 365 Pilot underway 14/03/2017
More than 150 staff from ITS and across the University been testing Microsoft’s Office 365 software over the past seven weeks.

RMIT WordPress platform now available 27/02/2017
Have you been waiting for the new WordPress platform to reach and engage your students and staff? The new RMIT WordPress platform is now available.

Stay safe with the new Cyber Security Guide 06/02/2017
Are you staying up-to-date with the latest security threats and following the right advice when it comes to IT security?

Need training on audio visual equipment? 23/01/2017
Insight AV is offering training for staff on how to use and make the most of our audio visual equipment.

Sierra - the new Mac operating system 26/09/2016
Apple has recently released its new macOS operating system 10.12, codename Sierra.

Stay safe with Pokemon Go 02/08/2016
Have you caught the Pokemon Go craze? This augmented reality game that enables players to use their smartphone to catch digital creatures is taking the world by storm.

Delivering new digital experiences 26/07/2016
Together with the Digital and Customer Experience Strategy team, ITS is working to deliver the technology that will transform the online experience.

Protecting your identity just got easier 11/07/2016
To further improve security and protect your online identity, ITS recommends staff and students opt in to Google’s two-step verification process.

Guest access for Blackboard now available. 04/07/2016
ITS has recently implemented Blackboard’s guest role function for all current and past course shells. It will allow instructors to grant guests read-only access to their Blackboard content.

Report, request and track IT 28/06/2016
Now, there’s a new way to submit IT-related enquiries.

Cyber security education ramps up 21/06/2016
In response to the growing rate of cyber security attacks occurring globally, the Chief Information Security Office (CISO) team is embarking on a three year Security Uplift and Risk Reduction program that aims to improve security practices and culture across RMIT.

Phased approach to network improvements 14/06/2016
The RMIT wired network across the City, Brunswick and Bundoora campus buildings will soon be capable of delivering 20 times the current data handling capacity.

Lecture Capture improvements underway 07/06/2016
Throughout Semester 1 there have been a number of issues with the Lecture Capture service that have been disruptive to learning, teaching and the overall student experience.

Smart integration delivers for Global Enrolments 07/06/2016
How do you take a paper-based manual process requiring document verification and turn it into an online process that is faster, more efficient and provides a better experience for students and staff?

Security uplift underway 01/06/2016
In the IT Security space, we’re embarking on a three year journey to dramatically improve Information Security and reduce risk across our Melbourne and Vietnam campuses and RMIT Training.

IT survey results are in 14/12/2015
In September, RMIT again participated in the University IT Service Quality Benchmark Survey - an annual, independent survey that gives staff and students the chance to evaluate their technology experience.

IT services over the summer period 2015-2016 01/12/2015
Our Service and Support Centre handles all IT phone, online and face to face customer enquiries. Over Christmas and the summer period, support will be available at different times.

All systems go for new debt management process 23/11/2015
From 1 January 2016 students who owe a debt to the University of $500 or more in tuition fees will have their enrolment in all current programs cancelled.

ICT Plan update 23/11/2015
The ICT 2020 Plan is taking shape.

Meet the new executive team 23/11/2015
The new ITS Executive Leadership Team is now in place.

Improving the Day 1 experience 23/11/2015
As the student year comes to a close, ITS is already shifting its focus towards the learning and teaching experience for Day 1 of classes in 2016.

Don't get caught out this holiday season 23/11/2015
The end of year period is a busy time - juggling work commitments, planning social festivities and organising last minute shopping and gifts.

New ITS Leadership Team to align technology with new era for RMIT 13/11/2015
RMIT University’s Information Technology Services (ITS) has confirmed the appointment of six IT Executives to its Leadership Team.

A new way of working 20/10/2015
The new ITS operating model has commenced operation.

Beware of Ransomware 20/10/2015
An online threat that’s increasingly popular at the moment is the use of Ransomware.

Helping students get the maximum fee concession 20/10/2015
The Academic Registrar Group has been working in partnership with ITS via the Student Administration Agile Release Train (StAART) to change the way RMIT records vocational education fee concessions in the Student Administration Management System (SAMS).

One space, one number and one queue 20/10/2015
On Monday 5 October RMIT Connect went live.

Paperless forms for students 10/09/2015
As part of the Global Enrolments Project , the Academic Registrar’s Group (ARG) has been working in partnership with ITS via the Student Administration Agile Release Train (StAART) to convert high-volume paper-based forms to online forms.

Calling for hardware and software requests 10/09/2015
Still planning some IT hardware (CAPEX) spend as part of your 2015 budget?

Keeping staff aware and alert 10/09/2015
To combat the increasing prevalence of online threats, ITS has been strengthening the password rules for service accounts and raising awareness of cyber security through education.

Operating model update 10/09/2015
As most of you would be aware, ITS is implementing a new operating model that’s designed to drive our future direction.

Ask, share and talk IT 07/08/2015
If you’ve sought online help from brand name companies like Apple, Telstra, AGL and the banks, chances are you’re familiar with peer or crowd support communities.

Enrolment - getting more students online 07/08/2015
As part of the Global Enrolments Project , the Academic Registrar’s Group (ARG) has been working in partnership with ITS via the Student Administration Agile Release Train (StAART) to get more students enrolling online.

Working smarter with Property Services 07/08/2015
Moving house is a stressful period at the best of times. Not only are there new surroundings to come to terms with, there’s also the organising required to ensure the essential services you rely on are connected when you need them.

Getting on top of Major Incidents 29/06/2015
The introduction of review processes and problem management is helping ITS reduce the occurrence of major ICT incidents across the university.

Taking student accounts online 29/06/2015
ITS has been working in partnership with Financial Services and the Academic Registrar’s Group to improve the general management of student financials and to make invoicing clearer, easier and more effective.

Are you ready for Open Day? 29/06/2015
Sunday 9 August is Open Day at RMIT’s Melbourne campuses.

Targeting customer satisfaction 29/06/2015
In May we introduced a customer experience Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey that invites customers to rate us whenever an ITS service enquiry or request is closed. Thanks to the 590 customers that gave us feedback.

Tell us how it is 01/06/2015
The recent launch of our customer experience survey is providing new visibility into what is important to RMIT students and staff.

Getting ready for Semester 2 01/06/2015
We're gearing up to deliver a better experience and some exciting new developments for Semester 2.

Taking a stand on security 08/05/2015
The online environment comes with many benefits, but it’s also an increasingly risky one.

Our work in the field 01/05/2015
Find out how we’re managing our planned maintenance and bringing our teams together to improve efficiency.

Collaborating around maintenance 01/05/2015
Since late last year, ITS has been working in partnership with Property Services to deliver an important new maintenance and facilities service system (via Archibus).

February snapshot article 26/02/2015
Take a look below to see what we’ve been up to in ITS.