Course management

RMIT University believes the monitoring of student progress is an important enabling strategy. It assists students to achieve their learning potential by:

  • Allowing for the early identification of students whose academic performance is less than satisfactory and who may need appropriate learning support, resources and assistance, and
  • Identifying and excluding students who continue to make unsatisfactory progress.

Student Progress Committees have been replaced by Program Assessment Boards (PABs) and Course Assessment Committees (CACs), which manage the assessment and results of academic programs and courses for Schools. The findings and recommendations from these committees are essential to maintaining positive student experiences and outcomes, since they may identify students who require learning support, resources and assistance.

Surveys are important mechanisms for monitoring and improving students’ experiences in the University’s teaching and learning environments. For Higher Education students, standard surveys are used at RMIT for obtaining student feedback about courses, programs and broader university experiences:

  • Course Experience Survey (CES) - A course-level survey, incorporating items from the national Good Teaching Scale (GTS).
  • Student Experience Survey (SES) - A program-level survey, examining students’ overall experiences at RMIT: learning, services and facilities.

Policies and procedures



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