22 January 2010

Kinetic sculpture wins art award

Jennifer Bishop with her work, We’re on a Road to Nowhere, 2009

Jennifer Bishop with her work, We’re on a Road to Nowhere, 2009. Photo credit: Mark Ashkanasy, RMIT Gallery 2009.

RMIT University student and Brunswick resident Jennifer Bishop has been awarded a prestigious Siemens-RMIT Fine Art Awards Scholarship.

The Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art – Sculpture) student won a $2,000 Undergraduate Scholarship to spend on travel for her artwork, We’re on a Road to Nowhere.

“My work is a kinetic multimedia piece that takes its title from a Talking Heads song, off their 1985 album, Little Creatures,” Ms Bishop said.

“It is activated through a single circuit repetitive motion on the part of the viewer. It aims to position the viewer in the driver’s seat, as well as adding a meditative response and evoking childhood memories through the notion of play.

“By using the highway as a central conceptual and visual motif, I wish to convey a meditation on the journey as a metaphor for life.”

Ms Bishop said that the original idea came from an experience she had when travelling on a highway on family holidays.

“The highway was really busy and there were lots of cars next to me and we were all doing the same speed and for a moment it felt like it was the road moving not just us, and that was the initial idea for the work itself,” she said.

“The highway represents a symbol of modernism, mobility and individual freedom.”

With her travelling scholarship, Ms Bishop is looking forward to taking the Trans Siberian railway at the end of a six-month student exchange to Estonia that she is about to undertake.

Now in its ninth year, the Siemens-RMIT Fine Art Scholarship Awards help RMIT Fine Art students further their careers by assisting their research and production costs.

This year the Awards attracted more than 200 entries, from which a shortlisted group of 43 artists had the opportunity to exhibit their work at RMIT Gallery over summer. The exhibition ends on 23 January.

Chairman and Managing Director of Siemens Australia and New Zealand, Albert Goller, said: “Education, technology and above all, innovations are the lifeblood at Siemens and we foster a creative environment where ideas can develop and grow. We are proud to support the development of talent each year demonstrating innovative thinking through arts and creativity.”

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