Privacy for staff

When conducting a Blackboard Collaborate session that is being recorded you need to be aware of some privacy considerations.


You need to advise students that the session will be recorded in the email invitation, using the following wording:

“Dear Students,

You are being invited to participate in a Blackboard Collaborate session that will be recorded. The reasons that it will be recorded is

    • that a member of our group is unable to participate and watching the recording will mean that they can benefit from the session, too; and
    • that you will be able to watch the recording later to assist you with revision.

You can elect not to participate in this recorded session without penalty to your assessment. Please advise me by return email if you choose not to participate.

If you elect not to participate, access to the recorded session will be made available to you at a later date. It should be noted that recordings should only be used for study purposes and should not be copied or provided to any other person without authority. Any personal information contained within the recording should not be disclosed without consent from the individual concerned.

RMIT advises that you do not reveal personal details in the Blackboard Collaborate sessions, such as your address or phone number. Please do not discuss people who are not present in the Blackboard Collaborate session and avoid reference to any personal information wherever possible, either your own or another individual’s.

The recording will be stored on the external Blackboard server, however the information contained within the recorded session will only be made available to relevant students and lecturers within RMIT (need to include in here whether there is anyone else externally that might be provided with access to the recording).

If you want to access the personal information held about you from this session, you will need to contact the school office. Any complaints or enquiries regarding the privacy of your personal information should be made to the RMIT Privacy Officer.”

Start of session

You also need to show the Privacy PowerPoint slide [PPT, 627KB] at the beginning of a recorded session.

After the session

If there is a breach of privacy during a recorded session that you are facilitating you need to inform the person whose privacy is breached and inform the Privacy Officer.