How to nominate

The nomination submission process is conducted online.

Upon the commencement of the election period, members of the electorate will receive an email calling for nominations sent via the University elections provider BigPulse. The email will set out details of the vacancy, nomination and voting time frames, and will contain a unique link to access the online nomination submission form.

Eligibility to nominate

Electoral rolls comprise members eligible to participate in elections and are constituted based on requirements imposed on elected positions as set out within the RMIT Act 2010 (PDF 756.9kb 69p) and the Academic Board Regulations. In the event a person is not included within the electoral roll for an election, and the person believes they are entitled to be included, the matter should be referred to the Returning Officer via email to

Candidate’s statement

Prospective candidates complete the online form and, if desired provide a candidate’s statement of not more than 350 words within the advertised timeframe (see notice of elections). Candidate statements will not be accepted after the close of the nomination period.

Withdrawal period

A nominee may, no later than three working days following the close of nominations withdraw their nomination by notice in writing to the Returning Officer via

Close of nominations

Upon conclusion of the nomination period, the Returning Officer will notify candidates via their RMIT email accounts as to whether an election is required. Where the number of nominations does not exceed the number of positions to be filled, the Returning Officer will declare the candidate or candidates elected and cause a notice to this effect to be posted on the notice of elections page.

Where the number of nominations exceeds the number of positions to be filled, elections will be conducted online (see how to vote). The Returning Officer will provide notice of a poll to all candidates via email.