Frequently asked questions for claims returned

Q. What happens after I send the online claims returned form?

Answer: We will check the shelves and other areas of the Library. If the item is not found, we will begin the claims returned process. We will contact you via email within 3 working days of receiving the online form.

Q. Why am I receiving overdue notices?

Answer: During the claims returned process, the item remains on your record and may become overdue. Overdue notices are sent out automatically for all overdue items, including claims returned.

Overdue fees automatically accrue for overdue items. The Library charges 50 cents per item per day. If the Library is at fault, we will waive any overdue library fines associated with the item.

Q. Can I renew a claims returned item?

Answer: No, claims returned items cannot be renewed.

Q. Can I still borrow or renew other items?

Answer: Yes, once you submit a claims returned form, you will be able to borrow for 28 days (4 weeks), provided the item in question is not more than six months overdue. To borrow, please see the staff at the service desk.

You can renew your other items in person, over the phone (03 9925 2020) or by email Online renewals are not available during this time.

The usual renewal conditions apply.

Q. What should I do now?

Answer: Please check any places where the item might be, and also check with any friend or colleague who might have the item.

A list of places to check is included on the claims returned form.

Q. Can I place holds?

Answer: Yes, if the claims returned item is not overdue, you can place holds online via the catalogue. If the item is overdue, Library staff will place the hold for you.

To arrange this, contact us on 03 9925 2020 or by email

Please note that holds will only be placed for items which are already on loan or at another Library site. More information about holds is available.

Q. When will I hear from the Library again?

Answer: We will search all Library sites for up to 28 days (4 weeks). If, after this time, the item has not been found, you will need to pay for the cost of the item.

The item will remain on your borrowing record and will continue to accrue overdue fines until the claim is resolved.

Q. How do I pay for the item?

Answer: Contact us when you would like to pay the cost of the item. Library staff will advise of the cost within 3 working days.

Payment can be made by credit card or EFTPOS at the service desk at any Library, except Bundoora East. We cannot accept cash payments.

Keep the receipt for your records.

Q. Can I buy a replacement copy?

Answer: No, we do not accept replacement copies.

Q. What happens if I find the item after I’ve paid the replacement cost?

Answer: The replacement cost is non refundable, but you can keep the item.

Do you have more questions?

If you don’t find answers to your questions here, talk to a Library staff at the service desk or:

Call 03 9925 2020