Sourcing your own Work Integrated Learning

laboratory students

You may have the opportunity find your own WIL position.

In some instances you may need to source your own Work Integrated Learning (WIL) activity. You may be required to find your own WIL as part of the course or you might have the option to choose an alternative to the WIL being offered.

Where to source your own WIL activity

The Careers Toolkit and RMIT CareerHub sites are excellent starting point for students who are sourcing their own WIL:

Checking your WIL activity

Once you have selected a potential WIL activity you will need to contact your course coordinator so they can:

  • determine if the activity meets the academic course requirements of your course
  • establish if the activity meets relevant legislative requirements
  • perform a due diligence check to ensure the workplace is safe and complies with equal opportunity legislation.

Once the activity has been confirmed you will need to advise your course coordinator of:

  • the location, date, time
  • the duration (start date, finish date and sessions or hours)
  • any payments required
  • your supervisor’s contact details
  • any academic or non-academic requirements you will need to fulfill (such as academic prerequisites, police checks, immunisations, etc.)
  • any other relevant elements for that WIL activity (i.e. Occupational Health and Safety requirements, non-academic requirements, checks and legal agreements, etc.).