Web accessibility and research work instruction

Instruction statement

To ensure the accessibility of research work when it is used for official purposes by the University.


This instruction does not apply to:

  • websites that have no relationship to RMIT (for example, personal or private sites)
  • web authoring tools not provided or supported by the University
  • student work used for an online showcase
  • academic research or experimental works not used for official purposes by the University
  • courseware that cannot be reasonably supplied in accessible formats, such as simulation tools. In this case the educational designer and academic coordinate alternatives with the Disability Liaison Unit as required.

Instruction steps and actions

If the intention is for the web resource to be used for official University purposes, it must aim to conform to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0, W3C World Wide Web Consortium Recommendation 11 December 2008, Level A and Level AA Success Criteria plus the following Level AAA Success Criteria: 1.4.8-9, 2.4.9-10, 3.1.3-6

Where web resources are not intended for official use by or at RMIT University, they may not fall within the scope of RMIT’s Accessibility Policy. Researchers should, however, consider achieving a minimum of WCAG 2.0 Level A conformance because:

  • This is the standard required in Australia under the Disability Discrimination Act 1992
  • If the resource will eventually be used in a business environment, it may be difficult and costly to achieve if this was not an original consideration.

Research initiatives and innovations that take the form of web environments and resources need ground-up support in addressing web accessibility requirements.

To support its research mission and comply with disability discrimination legislation, the University will provide accessibility education and support for RMIT’s researchers from the earliest stages of their research projects. Contact Digital and Customer Experience Strategy for advice.

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