Mr Leigh Blackall


Senior Coordinator, LEAP (Design)

School /
Work Unit

Design & Social Context Office

Contact Details

+61 3 9925 3422



City campus


College of Design and Social Context


Key activities

As an Educational Developer , I support academics and senior advisers develop contemporary tertiary learning and teaching practices and projects within the College of Design and Social Context.

Industry experience

Professional interests

My professional focus is on educational research and development, networked learning and flexible teaching and assessment. I primarily work in the tertiary education, training and communication sectors, offering consultation, professional development activities, course coordination and development and project leadership.

Employment history

2012 - 2014 Educational Designer La Trobe University

2012 Director of eLearning for the Centre for School Leadership Learning and Development, Charles Darwin University

2009-2012 Learning Commons Coordinator at the National Institute for Sport Studies, University of Canberra

2006-2009 Educational Developer, Otago Polytechnic

2002-2006 Teacher, consultant and producer, TAFE NSW


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