Redeployment instruction

Redeployee: a staff member who is part of the redeployment process because their employment will terminate due to redundancy. They are also known as formal redeployees.

Redeployment: the process of seeking to place a staff member whose position is redundant, or has an uncertain future, to a suitable vacant position within the University.

Suitable vacant position: a position at the same classification level as the staff member’s substantive position and for which the staff member has the skills and experience, regardless of the type of position. For example, a VE Teacher could be redeployed to a professional staff or academic position that is similar in level provided they have the relevant skills and experience.

A staff member may be given time to update their skills and experience so they are able to undertake the duties of the position, but this will not normally be greater than six months.

Redeployment period: will commence immediately upon the staff member receiving the written notification of termination. A staff member must choose to either elect early separation or seek redeployment with the University within 14 days from the commencement of the redeployment period. Where a staff member is able to be redeployed to a suitable position, no further redundancy action will be undertaken.

Redeployment Case Manager: is responsible for overseeing the case management during the redeployment period.

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