Strategic Projects in Urban Research (SPUR)

The SPUR Fund is a DSC-wide initiative designed to contribute to meeting strategic research goals, particularly in raising externally funded research activity.

The fund is primarily used to leverage co-investment with Schools/R+I/external sources, and for other strategic investments to generate research income.

SPUR was launched in 2014 and is there is a standing open call for applications. Targeted ‘rounds’ of SPUR will be run with specific targets and associated guidelines.

The general principles of SPUR are:

  1. Only applications from DSC staff will be considered. There is no upper limit for a SPUR application, however it is expected that the minimum SPUR request is $1000.
  2. There is an expectation that applications will align with Urban or other strength with DSC. This link is to be articulated specifically in each proposal. Applications that do not align to URBAN are still eligible for consideration but they must show their alignment with College research strength(s).
  3. The fund is intended primarily for co-investment as a matching funding proposition involving at least one School and/or R+I. (Typically, funds provided would match School or 50% of R+I investment, but not both).
  4. Proposals should be attached to Centres or Groups, and to School research strategies. Applications not aligned to a Centre or Group will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  5. An expectation of a minimum of 4:1 cash ROI for RMIT and 6:1 ROI on the College (SPUR) investment. Applications that do not meet this criteria may be considered but must outline why not in their ROI statement and provide strong justification for why their application should be considered.
  6. Successful applicants who have not yet secured external funding will be provided with a proforma letter outlining the DSC commitment, conditional on receiving external support. This letter will be valid for one month from announcement of successful applicants of that round.
  7. Funding can be requested for one or multiple years but funds must be spent in the year in for which they are requested (e.g. an application may request funding for one or more years, but the expenditure must align with any successful request – monies cannot be carried over).

Round 1 2015 open: 30 March - 27 April


For more information, please contact