Recommended Panel of Examiners

The Recommended Panel of Examiners form should be completed by the senior supervisor. Potential examiners should be approached at least three months before the intended date of submission to allow for timely lodgement of the Recommended panel of examiners form (PDF, 124 KB, 2 pages).

This form must be signed by the senior supervisor and the Head of School/nominee and must be sent to the SGR for approval.

The appointment of examiners will be in accordance with the *RMIT advice for avoidance of conflict of interest in HDR examination. *(candidates are not permitted to know the identity of their examiners). Examiners may not be appointed if there is an actual or perceived conflict of interest between the candidate/supervisor and the examiner(s). More details can be found in the Deans and Directors of Graduate Studies (DDoGS) - conflict of interest guidelines (PDF, 435 KB, 5 pages).

If a proposed examiner does not hold a doctoral qualification, or is not in the same discipline/cognate discipline or field as the candidate, justification for the recommendation, including a full curriculum vitae, must be provided with the Equivalence of examiner request form (DOCX, 43 KB, 1 page). Schools may only nominate one person in this category per panel.

Submission of thesis

For details on submission of thesis visit preparing to submit a thesis or project for examination.