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Aerial view of the City campus as viewed in Property Central

Aerial view of the City campus as viewed in Property Central.

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What is Property Central?

Property Central is a web portal system that is an industry-standard, GIS (Geographical Information System) application and a centralised, user-friendly repository of all onshore RMIT campus building plans and facilities information.

Visit Property Central.

Staff can efficiently access information on RMIT's physical resources - building, space and campus information and information specific to the University's Colleges, Schools and Groups via the web.

Campus maps and building floor plans can also be modified to suit user requirements. Notations can be added and a wide range of information can also be added or removed, like Usable Floor Area (UFA), room type and the School or Group that uses the space.


Generate a campus map

You can view an aerial map of the selected campus, hone in on a building, and view details of that buildings individual floors and rooms on that floor.

Generate a room enquiry

Bring up detailed information about any room on any of RMIT's onshore campuses and generate a floor plan with a pointer to the room that is being searched for.

Generate space reports

Run a variety of reports, which include listings of different classroom types in a building or on a campus.


Property Central: at work with other online systems

Property Central can also be used in conjunction with Property Services' other online systems.

Web Room Booking System

If you need to make a room booking for a meeting, makeup class or event, search for an appropriate venue in Property Central and then book it online using the Web Room Booking System (WRBS).

Project Request System

If you need to submit a project request - that ranges from requests to have a room painted to major renovation works – mark up a floor plan in Property Central with details of the required work and submit it as an attachment to the project request you enter into the online Project Request System.


If you need to submit a maintenance or service request, log into Archibus with your e-number and password..


Property Central FAQs

1. How do I log in to Property Central?

All staff and students have general access to Property Central, which does not require a login.

Should you wish to obtain a higher level of access, you need to login, using your E-number and your NDS password. The higher level of access will enable you to retrieve staff location details.

2. How will Property Central benefit me?

Property Central will enable you to perform a number of functions, including:

  • Location of a staff member
  • Location of a space: a meeting room or classroom
  • Finding and viewing a classroom that has been allocated to you for one or more of your classes.

Resources staff will find Property Central useful to assess space that has been allocated to their Group or School.

3. Can I download a campus map and floor plan and how do I do it?

Yes, you can download a campus map or floor plan. Select the "Print" function from the "File" menu and then select the "CutePDF Writer" option from the menu of printer options.

You will them get a Windows prompt to print the campus map or floor plan. Select "Print" and then you will get the "Save As" dialogue box, in which you will name the file - which will automatically save in PDF format - and save it to your selected location.

4. What if I find an error in Property Central?

Please contact and provide details of the error.

Examples of errors include:

  • Staff member in wrong location
  • Missing walls in a floor plan
  • Incorrect department code.

5. What new features are going to be added to Property Central?

The following features will be added to Property Central:

  • Documents relating to building changes
  • Photographs of teaching spaces and their layouts
  • Locations of rubbish bins
  • Environmental information, including building energy and water efficiency data.


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