Permit to Work

Within Property Services, in order to ensure high risk work is performed safety and correctly and that it does not introduce unacceptable risk temporarily or permanently, a Permit to Work (PTW) system has been implemented. It provides a systematic approach in controlling certain types of potential hazards in high risk work. The issuing of a permit does not in itself make a job safe. It is primarily used to record and communicate agreed conditions and risk mitigation controls to be applied to work activity where hazards have been identified.

The key functions of the PTW system are to ensure that:

  • types of work that need a permit are identified
  • applicable levels of planning, consultation and coordination are done
  • applicable risk assessments are done for the work needed
  • roles and responsibilities are clearly identified
  • adequate control measures are defined, implemented and controlled
  • work area preparations are completed prior to works commencing and after completion worksites are returned to safe conditions.

Click here for the Permit to Work Procedure.

There are activities that RMIT Property Services has deemed as high risk, and these require a permit to be applied for, approved and issued prior to commencing work. There are also buildings that require a HAZMAT permit prior to any work being undertaken.

Permit to Work forms

The types of works that would require a Permit to Work form include, but are not limited to:

Returning permits

All permits are to be returned to the RMIT authorised personnel. This may be done in person or via email on