Learning and Teaching Investment Fund 2013

Project Title

Science Upfront: Engaging students in science by providing advanced standing in Higher Education through VCE program delivery

Project Leader

Dr Danilla Grando

Project Team

  • Ruby Biezen
  • Tien Huynh
  • Nichola Porter
  • Heather Pisani
  • Adriana Del Maestro

Project Summary

RMIT is well placed to compete for students interested in completing HE science studies. We do this by offering courses that focus on developing practical skills and these are sought after by future employers. How do we make our science courses visible to secondary school students? Can we raise the numbers of students placing RMIT as first preference for science? This project will explore whether the inclusion of RMIT 1st year science courses in the VCE will attract students to consider RMIT University as their first choice tertiary education provider and enable more students to make the difficult transition from secondary to tertiary science education. The project will formulate and execute the mode of contact and recruitment of potential students and explore ways to ensure that inclusive teaching practices are used. It will report on successes and recommendations for how further programs may be implemented successfully.

Download full report [PDF, 296 KB, 12 pages]