Aimee Marks

Aimee Marks

Aimee Marks, Bachelor of Business (Entrepreneurship), 2007

Since leaving RMIT, Aimee founded her own company TOM Organic in 2009.

Combining her passion for quality design, women's health and the environment to create the world’s first certified organic tampon brand. TOM Organic hit Australian shelves in 2010 and is now widely stocked in all major supermarkets, pharmacies and health food stores.

Aimee credits the Entrepreneurship program for teaching her the fundamentals of launching and growing a business, often referring to her degree as the “research and development phase of my business” which has helped her avoid mistakes.

Despite her busy life, Aimee still finds time to stay connected with RMIT and currently features in the ‘Self Made’ campaign for RMIT’s midyear intake.